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Peter Chatterton has published the following:

Papers and conferences

  • The Work-based Learning Maturity Toolkit: Evolution into a Reflective Tool to Promote Work-based Learning, based on the University of Ulster Viewpoints Curriculum Design Tool

Peter Chatterton, Andrew Comrie, Gunter Saunders, Peter Hartley, Alan Masson, ALT-C 2013 (Nottingham)

  • The Making Assessment Count (MAC) framework: A cross-institutional evaluation.  

Peter Chatterton, Mark Clements, Mark Kerrigan, Mark Gamble, Loretta Newman-Ford, Maria Papaefthimiou, Kate Reader, and Gunter Saunders ALT-C 2013 (Nottingham)

  • Making Assessment Count

Peter Chatterton and Mark Kerrigan SOLSTICE conference, Edge Hill University, June 2013

  • Extending opportunities for life-long learning in a digital age – institutional approaches to mainstreaming new flexible and cost-effective practices and technologies.  

Peter Chatterton, Eta de Dicco, Neil Whitt, Andrew Comrie, ALT-C 2012 (Manchester)

  • Promoting sector best practice in employer engagement and responsive & flexible curricula using the work-based learning maturity toolkit

Peter Chatterton, Eta de Dicco, Kate Barrett, Claire Eustance, Mary Mahoney, Employer Engagement in a Digital Age conference, University of Greenwich, 2012

  • Designing responsive & cost-effective curricula for work-based learners – effective practice in a digital age

Peter Chatterton, Eta de Dicco, Emma Purnell, Alison Felce, Mary Mahoney, International Blended Learning Conference 2012 (University of Hertfordshire)

  • “Critical Friends: a valuable role in educational innovation?

Peter Chatterton, Peter Hartley, Peter Bullen, The Higher Education Academy Annual Conference 2011.

  • “The role of Critical Friends in supporting institutions in moving from innovation to institutional enhancement.”

Peter Chatterton, Peter Hartley, Sixth International Blended Learning Conference, 15-16 June 2011, University of Hertfordshire.

  • “Effective learning, working and communicating in a digital age”

Peter Chatterton, Communication & Literacy Matters, College of Teachers, Institute of Education, 10 November 2011

  • “Sustaining and embedding innovations to achieve institutional enhancement in learning and teaching.”

Peter Chatterton, Peter Bullen, Sixth International Blended Learning Conference, 15-16 June 2011, University of Hertfordshire.

  • “From Camels to Critical Friends: intervention strategies for sustainable innovation”

Gill Ferrell, Stephen Brown, Peter Chatterton,, EUNIS 2011, 15-17 June 2011, Dublin

  • “Understanding the Challenge of employer engagement: technologies and processes to meet the needs of work based learners and of their employers”

Peter Chatterton, Paul Bailey, Ruth Drysdale; ALT-C 2011, 6-8 September 2011, Leeds

  • “Measuring e-Impact in Further and Higher Education”

Bacsich, Pepler, Chatterton, O'Hare and Karran, Learning and Technolgoy World Forum, London, 2009

  • From Digitally divided to digitally united: how do we get there?

Eileen Webb, Judith Kuit, Dina Vyortkina, David O’Hare,  Peter Chatterton ALT-C 2008

  • “Benchmarking post-benchmarking: how HEIs can leverage on programme results and resources to carry out benchmarking e-learning in future”

Paul Bacsich and Peter Chatterton;  ALT-C, 8-11 September 2008, Leeds.

  • “The Merseyside e-Community”

Auto Industry Regional Dialogue, 7 – 8 June 2001, ICC, Birmingham, UK

  • “New Multimedia and Internet Open Distance Learning Course Development.”

Conference Baltic IT&T'99 - 3rd International Conference "Information Technologies and Telecommunications In the Baltic States", Riga, Latvia, April, 1999, Riga Congress Palace (joint-author)

  • “The Virtual Automotive Learning Environment”

Conference “Education in Automotive Engineering”, Birmingham, November, 1999 (in conjunction with Professor Peter Bullen, Dr Frank Haddleton, Penny Taylor, Monica Young).

  • “Application of Newly Developed Technologies to Academic Course Delivery and Management.”

Conference, “Teaching Science for Technology”, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, June, 1997 (in conjunction with Dr Frank Haddleton, Professor Geoff Johnson)

  • “The e-Learning Benchmarking Expeditionary Force”

ALT-C 2006 – The Next Generation (Contributor towards the paper presentation from the Higher Education Academy)

  • “Sustainable Learning in the Automotive Supply Chain.”

Conference “Education in Automotive Engineering”, Birmingham, November, 1999 (in conjunction with Professor Neil Barlow, Dr Andrew Lyons, Alan Glover, Dr Michael Jones, Barrie Oxtoby).

  • “Experience with the Automotive College – Use of the Internet for Developing, Managing and Delivering Learning Programmes.”

Conference of the European Motor Industry Training Network, “Computer Based Learning Seminar”, June, 1999, Birmingham

“Internet Learning Communities within the UK Automotive Components Sector.”

Conference “Boosting SMEs through the Internet” – Paris, February 1999

  • “Technology-Enhanced Learning within Ford of Europe.”

Conference “Online Educa – Online Learning Technologies”, Berlin, 1998 (in conjunction with Professor Geoff Johnson)

  • “Technology-Enhanced Flexible Learning.”

Conference “1997 Ford Global  Deans Conference”, Anglia Polytechnic, University, Essex, UK.

  • Multimedia Case Studies in Distance Learning – Developing Design Principles”.

4th Annual Distance Learning Conference, Texas A&M University Austin, Texas, 1997 (in conjunction with Professor David Birchall and Matty Smith, Henley Management College)

Books, Guides and Management Reports

Sustaining and Embedding Innovations Good Practice Guide


Designing for Participant Engagement with Blackboard Collaborate - A Good Practice Guide


Designing for Participant Engagement with Elluminate Live - A Good Practice Guide


Work-based Learning Maturity Toolkit

Supporting the HE/FE Sectors in Enhancing Employer Provision


Critical Friends: An Effective Practice Guide


Business Communication

Peter Hartley and Peter Chatterton

(To be published by Routledge Feb 2013)

Interneting: The Complete Practical Guide to the Internet.

Kelsey Publishing (1997)

Does Your Company Need Multimedia? How to Maximise the Commercial Benefits.

The Financial Times and Pitman Publishing (1993).

The Financial Times Handbook of Management.

Chapter on the business applications of multimedia technology

The Financial Times and Pitman Publishing (1995).

Information Management in the Oil and Gas Industry: A New Vision For Productivity and Safety.

Financial Times Business Information (1991).

Your Home Office: A Practical Guide to using Technology Successfully.

Kogan Page/The Daily Express (1995). 3rd edition (1997).